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Does anyone come here anymore? Just curious.

~~Lina ;)
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August 11 2005, 13:24:31 UTC 11 years ago

Well, this is your journal/community. You can pretty much say what you want, regardless whether anyone else reads it or not.

I just love this movie. I could see it over & over again. I love the 40ish style, the music & the atmosphere of it. It is a beautiful movie. I've never read the comic it was based on. I've been trying to get anyone to send me a copy of the soundtrack. All they send me is addys to places I can buy it. That's very nice. But I can't afford to buy anything at the moment, which is why I ask for a copy to be mailed to me, whether on a audiotape or a CD disk.

Anyway, I'll come around from time to time. ;)

~~Lina ;)
I would love it if you, or anyone said something! O.O *Fears her communities dying*


August 12 2005, 08:35:05 UTC 11 years ago

dude I would so listen to what you have to say on Metropolis! o3o i come here at least 4 times a month hoping someone has posted somehting. But people never do ;-; Maybe i could get my friends to join this little site! :3


August 13 2005, 03:47:34 UTC 11 years ago

Well, I sort of said something. Doesn't that count? hehe ;)

~~Lina ;)